Mesa Turkey Trot 10K – 11/22/12

Mesa, Arizona, USA

Just a quick little writeup this time.  Thanksgiving day dawned bright and sunny with a forecast high in the low 80s – by the 9:00 AM starting time the chill had certainly gone out of the air, and I was glad I’d gone with short sleeves and shorts!  Organization was excellent as always.  My only complaint might be that the PA wasn’t really audible over the hubbub of the crowd at the start; maybe an extra speaker or two along the corral wouldn’t have gone amiss, now that this has grown to be the “biggest turkey trot in Arizona”.

Even though this is a 10K, it’s billed as a family fun run so the field was large and motley.  Apart from the turkey mascot running as a 45 min pacer, there were several people sporting turkey hats, and one guy in a tartan kilt – I guess there were probably Scottsmen at the first Thanksgiving?  There was quite a bit of dodging and rubbing of elbows over the first mile or two, but an overall festive atmosphere.

I’ve been taking it easy on my speed work for months, so I really had to push myself to keep my pace up where it needed to be for my goal of bringing this in under 1 hour.  As we reached the 6 mile mark the timer read 58 something, and knowing that it had taken over a minute to cross the start line I poured on the speed (well, “poured” may be a bit of an overstatement, maybe “trickled”) and squeaked across the finish in 59:48!  Woot!  That’s a PR by 59 seconds!

Afterwards I swung by my gym, which was on the way home, and sat in the Jacuzzi for a while.  What a great morning!

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