Northland Hospice Run for Life 5K – 6/23/12

Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

We’re having a heat wave.

This was my first race post-Rapa Nui, a little 5K up in Flag to stretch out the legs.  This year was warmer than normal – I usually wear a light windbreaker on my walk from the hotel down to Wheeler Park, but it was totally superfluous this time.  Luckily they had gear check, which I think is the first year they’ve offered that.

As always a nice little run through historic downtown Flagstaff and selected suburbs.  Wouldn’t you know it, the one time I say to myself “I don’t need a bottle for this short distance” is the one time they run out of water due to a heat wave!  The first station was running low when I got there, and at the second station they were out completely, one of the volunteers filling cups from her own Camelback (and ran out just before my turn in line).

Fortunately water station three, serving both the 5K and 10K course, had plenty.  I was pleased that, other than slowing me down a bit on the uphill part of the course, the altitude had little impact on my race.  No wheezing, no walking.  I averaged 10:25 pace for the first two miles, then picked it up on the downhill to ~9:45 for a 32:30 finish.

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